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Genealogy Data

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MITCHELL, Sarah Viola
Birth : 10 Jul 1847 England
Death : 19 Oct 1932 Sault Ste Marie Mich U.S.A.
Gender: Female
Father: MITCHELL, Joseph
Mother: JOHNSON, Ann
Marriage: 8 Oct 1866 in Grey Co.Methodist New Conexion Ch
SMART, Hugh Wesley
Birth : 16 Dec 1829 Ireland
Death : 1 Aug 1907
Gender: Male
Father: SMART, Sam
Mother: PORTER, Martha
SMART, Jane Eliza
Birth : 1 Jan 1870 Glenelg Twp Ont
Death : 30 Mar 1880 Glenelg Twp Ont
Gender: Female
SMART, Joseph Henry
SMART, Hugh Herbert
Birth : 3 May 1874 Glenelg Twp Ont
Death : 3 Mar 1880 Glenelg Twp
Gender: Male
SMART, Martha Jane (Ann) ?
Birth : 8 Mar 1877 Glenelg Twp Ont
Death : 1 Mar 1880 Glenelg Twp Ont
Gender: Female
SMART, William J.
SMART, Hugh Wesley
SMART, Albert Ernest
SMART, Sadie May

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